Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Windsor, Berkshire - Client Testimonials

I chose Mr Armstrong to carry out my facelift surgery after a lot of extensive and careful research. I was impressed with his academic credentials and his professional experience, noting that he had worked in some of the most prestigious medical institutions.

At my first consultation with Mr Armstrong I felt totally reassured that I would be in a safe pair of hands by the clarity with which he described all aspects of the facelift procedure I was requesting.  He explained everything to me in a clear and precise manner and in an unrushed and very thorough way. Together we agreed the best procedure for me, a 63 year old woman, would be a facelift plus an upper eyelid reduction and fat transfers to my cheeks, nasolabial lines and marionette lines.

I am now three weeks post-operation and the results have far exceeded my expectations.  I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I still look like me but a younger fresher version.  My droopy eyelids and hanging jowls have gone and my face and eyes look energised and revitalised.  My friends have been amazed at the transformation with one describing me as looking "sensational"!

Mr Armstrong's care before, during and after the procedure has been exemplary, and, along with his nursing staff,  I was thoroughly well looked after in a most kind, caring and professional manner.

I highly recommend Mr Armstrong to anybody considering surgery.  He is a highly skilled surgeon with a  safe and competent pair of hands.  My only regret is that I didn't do it five years earlier.



I have a job which keeps my body fit but after reaching 50 I noticed the quality of skin on my face changing, it lost its elasticity and the effects of gravity was causing my face to sag, I lost my jaw line and my cheeks had sunk down and my eyes looked tired, in short, my face and body did not match.

I had some initial concerns that my expression would become frozen or that I would look a bit too "pulled back" afterwards, but at the initial consultation Mr Armstrong reassured me that I would get a natural result. He also discussed the potential risks involved. I felt much more confident, informed and ready to book surgery.

The whole process from pre-assessment to the final consultation was carried out in a caring and professional manner. I had a lower face lift and lower eye lift with some fat transferred to my puppet lines so I had a 2 night stay, the Nursing Team at Spire were excellent with round the clock attention.

When I came round I thought I would be in pain, but apart from a slight pulling sensation around the ears the whole procedure was pain free. Once the bandages came off I was able to see just what a fantastic job Mr Armstrong had done. My jowls had gone, my cheeks were back in their rightful place and my eyes looked relaxed.

I was amazed that there was very little swelling or bruising afterwards and recovery time was well within the 2-3 weeks recommended.

Friends and family have commented on how natural, relaxed and refreshed I look. I couldn't have hoped for a better result.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



After many uncomfortable years of wearing padded bras to support my
uneven shape and feeling extremely insecure, I was lucky enough to be
directed to Mr. Armstrong from a friend who had received breast
augmentation from Mr. Armstrong.

At first I was skeptical if anything could be achieved, as I didn't want implants, as I was happy with the size but tremendously unhappy with my sagging and uneven shape. Wearing certain clothes was impossible due to my shape also.

I am sporty and enjoy swimming and the gym however showering was always
done hidden in the corner, as I was fearful of displaying my body.

Before the appointment I was anxious and felt very embarrassed about my
shape however Mr. Armstrong and Shelagh dealt with my concerns in a
professional and caring way and I felt confident with the procedure for an
uplift and reduction.

My surgery was discussed in-depth and I felt amazingly encouraged that it
was the best thing for me and my aftercare has been wonderfully warm and
caring. At all times I was made aware of what to expect and how to deal with it, with help from Mr. Armstrong and Shelagh, although amazingly I have only felt mild discomfort.

Post operation, I am amazed at my shape and my confidence has soared, I
sometimes forget and catch a glimpse of myself and I feel unexpectedly

I feel so appreciative of my surgery and I would like to highly recommend the expertise of Mr. Armstrong and his professional and caring team especially Shelagh.


JULY 2016


I had been thinking about having my eyes done for some time but wasn't really sure who to go to and how to go about it - there was a few names I'd heard some people talk about but was unsure and nervous about the General Anaesthetic.

I decided to talk to Spire hospital, which was close to me, I asked them for their advice, and I was given 'Anthony Armstrong 'name - after my research, I made an appointment for a consultation with him - we talked at length about the best procedure for me, after my consultation I felt happy and confident enough to go ahead with the operation.

On the day of my op Mr Armstrong chatted to me about the procedure, I was extremely nervous about the GA so his Anaesthetist came to see me; he was amazing and reassured me that all will be fine.

After the surgery my eyes were a little swollen but there was hardly any bruising, and they healed really quickly with no problems at all.... I cannot praise Antony Armstrong and his team enough, they were amazing and would recommend him to anyone that is thinking or looking to have eye surgery.


My journey started after a very good friend of mine had her breasts reduced in size by Mr Armstrong a couple of years ago and I was so impressed with her results, as was she, that I decided to meet Mr Armstrong & Shelagh myself for a consultation and made the appointment to have my own breasts reduced as I was fed up of being uncomfortable with the weight of my uneven breasts (FF) and how much larger they made me look as I had a small frame.  I was made to feel totally at ease and I made the decision to have the operation very soon after the consultation.

I stayed in hospital for two nights and from the moment I arrived right up to my last appointment 6 weeks later I cannot thank and praise all of Mr Armstrong's teams at the hospital and clinic enough.  During my stay in hospital I came to realise that all of Mr Armstrong's team had the same work ethic and professionalism as him as he is a protectionist so I never worried.

Since the operation I  would say that I am now a C or D cup as they are still settling down but the benefits are fantastic as I've lost half a stone after the operation, I can now go without a bra which is a first, even if it is only around the house and to top it all off I suffered with migraines for years before my operation and due to my pre-op it highlighted that I had sky high blood pressure so my doctor prescribed me tablets for the blood pressure and I no longer suffer with migraines so this has been a win win win for me.

I would like give a very special thank you to Shelagh who really is a wonderful nurse and continually puts you at ease.

If you are thinking of having this procedure please don't put it off.  I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions of my life.



I had extensive xanthelasma on both upper eyelids and a large lump below one eye; they made me very self conscious and even though I tried to cover them with make-up I was always aware of them.

I finally decided to see Mr Armstrong and was really impressed. He explained that because the lumps were so extensive he might not be able to remove them in one operation and said that an eyelid lift was his recommendation, so I arranged to attend for surgery.

The operation went very smoothly thanks to the excellent nursing care from Shelagh who was wonderful. I was in the hospital for the day and returned home with aftercare instructions; the stitches were removed after a week and the eyelids healed very quickly.

The results are so good; Mr Armstrong managed to remove all the lumps in one operation and a few weeks on I really see a difference.

Many thanks to Mr Armstrong and his team, especially Shelagh, for all your skill and care.

K R, July 2016,

Having hated my drooping eyelids for some years now and not done anything about it, I decided 2016 was the year to get sorted before I got too old to enjoy the results.

My doctor recommended Anthony Armstrong and so I made an appointment and went along to see if he thought it was a good idea.  He was super supportive and said that he could make a difference.  Explained the whole process and the after effects.
I turned up at the hospital as a day case and was really well looked after and reassured during the whole procedure.  Went home looking a bit strange with steristrip eyes.  But within a week the strips came off and I was thrilled with the results.

I feel completely refreshed and although some people did not see why I wanted to have it done I did and it has made me feel renewed.  

Well done to Anthony and his team for their support and care. So recommended.

Mrs L I, Windsor June 2016,

It's taken me four years of thinking about having my upper arm lift, each time the nerves got the better of me, but decided in January 2016 after having problems with buying clothing to fit my arms- the time had come. It took me two months of research and that's when I decided on Anthony Armstrong. Booked my consultation and it march of this year went for my appointment. I didn't feel pressured to make a decision there and then, Mr Armstrong told me to go away and think about all the about it, but I'd all ready decided I wanted to go ahead with this and I asked to get booked in. He made me feel reassured and comfortable with the procedure.

I found all the staff very nice and helpful. Sheila his nurse, you couldn't want for a nicer and caring person. The operation went well and my  stay in the hospital was very comfortable. The aftercare and follow ups was fantastic. The results are great and I'm so pleased I found Mr Armstrong and went ahead with the operation. My only regret was I didn't do it four years ago.

Mrs BW, January 2016

I had been thinking about having my eyes done for some time but wasn't really sure who to go to and how to go about it - there was a few names I'd heard some people talk about but was unsure and nervous about the General Anaesthetic.

I decided to talk to Spire hospital, which was close to me, I asked them for their advice, and I was given 'Anthony Armstrong 'name - after my research, I made an appointment for a consultation with him - we talked at length about the best procedure for me, after my consultation I felt happy and confident enough to go ahead with the operation.

On the day of my op Mr Armstrong chatted to me about the procedure, I was extremely nervous about the GA so his Anaesthetist came to see me; he was amazing and reassured me that all will be fine.

After the surgery my eyes were a little swollen but there was hardly any bruising, and they healed really quickly with no problems at all.... I cannot praise Antony Armstrong and his team enough, they were amazing and would recommend him to anyone that is thinking or looking to have eye surgery.

S D-M,

I had been considering breast surgery for over seven years. I had completed extensive research and came to the decision that I wanted silicone implants. I had spoken with friends about their surgeries and was recommended a clinic that specialised in cosmetic surgery. After viewing their website I found none of their surgeons were registered with BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons). I then decided to start by locating my surgeon from this association. I reviewed the local surgeons and to my luck Mr Armstrong was very local, he also informed me they work with silicone implants too.After not being completely satisfied with some other consultations, I met with Mr Armstrong. From the moment we met I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. The facilities were very clean and inviting too. Evidently, I booked my surgery. I must admit I really enjoyed my surgery and time at the hospital. I never felt uncomfortable.Complimentary to Mr Armstrong his nurse is lovely, she truly made my recovery quite enjoyable. I am always able to communicate with her regarding any concerns or questions. She is delightful.It has been two months since my surgery and I am exceedingly happy with the results. The entire experience was quite pleasant, I was also surprised by how little pain was involved. The size and shape are exactly what I had hoped for. I have received some very nice compliments.I would without a doubt recommend Mr Armstrong and his team for breast surgery, in fact I already have to friends.

LD, Windsor


"I have contemplated breast enlargement since the age of 19 but have always been ambivalent and never followed through. Now, 37 years later, I am so glad that I had it done and I can't thank Mr Armstrong enough for the amazing result.

A procedure such as this, I am told, is fairly straightforward but, in the wrong hands, there's so much that can go wrong. I am therefore relieved and nothing short of ecstatic with the positive outcome. At no point did I feel pressured into making a decision and all the details concerning the procedure and recovery period were explained and I was encouraged to ask as many questions as I wanted to help me make my decision.

During the first three weeks I experienced discomfort rather than pain but when the swelling subsided the implants became more comfortable and started feeling and looking increasingly more like a part of my body. I gave up exercise altogether during the first six weeks to help with the healing process but was back at work four days after the operation.

Aftercare with Mr Armstrong and his team was as good as anything that has gone before. I am really grateful to him and his team that things have gone so well and won't hesitate recommending him to my friends."



When I set out in 2013 to have rhinoplasty I decided to go to a reputable Harley Street clinic. I wanted to correct a very small bump on the bridge of my nose and reduce the width, only marginally, as it was quite thick set.

I met my doctor only once before I underwent surgery and the result was not what I had in mind. I was left with a skinny, pinched bridge and a flared, angular tip with a very fine cleft. I was bitterly disappointed.

I knew that I must follow professional advice and give my nose a full year to heal. I waited a further year, hoping that my unhappiness was down to unfamiliarity and I would grow to like my nose as time past. Two years
went by, but nothing changed. My nose had changed my face and I was now more self conscious than I was before the surgery. I decided that I must explore the option of a second rhinoplasty.

My experience had taught me that I must look for the best surgeon, not the best clinic. I wanted someone who specialised in corrective surgery and was skilled at secondary rhinoplasty. After much research I decided to make an appointment with Mr Anthony Armstrong.

I met Mr Armstrong three times to discuss my nose. He listened carefully and by the end of my first consultation understood my concerns and dislikes. A month later when I returned for a second visit, Mr Armstrong explained my options - the positives, the limitations and the risks. He had clearly given my situation a lot of thought. By my third visit he had expertly managed my expectations. He made sure I understood the boundaries and complications of a second rhinoplasty and gave me what I needed to make an informed decision that was right for me.

Armed with all the information I needed, and with complete trust in Mr
Armstrong, I went ahead with my second rhinoplasty.

I am now six weeks after the surgery. It was a complete success and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. With cartilage taken from behind my ear Mr Armstrong rebuilt my pinched, slightly collapsed, nose. He reduced the flare and angularity of the tip and gave me a soft, curved end. He also managed to remove the cleft completely.

After being really unhappy for almost two and a half years, I could not be
more delighted. The unfamiliarity I had when I looked in the mirror has gone and I have settled in to my 'new' nose immediately. I have no more insecurities about it.

If I can pass on any advice from my experience it is to chose your
doctor carefully. Do your research and ensure you take the time to discuss your needs thoroughly.

I cannot thank Mr Armstrong enough for the difference he
has made. I can strongly recommend him to anyone considering rhinoplasty.

July 2015,

I am a 60 year old woman who feels 40 or even younger!! Unfortunately your face can give away your age no matter how you old feel. I have just undergone my third procedure under Mr Armstrong amazing skills and still look very natural.

My most recent procedure was a lower face and neck lift, previous to this I have had a face lift and my eyes done, hoods and bags!! My main worry was that with all my operations that I held back time in my looks and not to look totally different, you see many people who look stretched or swollen, this is what I did not want and did not get. I look the same but a lot fresher!!

Some would think it could be painful, but in my experience I have never yet had pain. When in hospital last time I was asked if I wanted any stronger pain killers and what was my pain level 1 -10 my answer was zero.

It is a big step to have cosmetic surgery and very important to have faith and confidence in your surgeon and I would highly recommend Mr Armstrong, my whole experience from beginning to end I could not fault, I must also give praise to the nursing staff who are so caring.

Mrs H, Wokingham

From the age of 13 I had started to develop slight breast swelling which got progressively larger over the next year or so, developing into conical shaped breasts (but not just fat tissue, these had other material as part of the breast). This was the cause of major embarrassment to me and resulted in me stopping swimming and taking a t-shirt off on the beach or other public areas with my family. I spent the next 25 years or so living with it, always wearing t-shirts under shirts, baggy jumpers, and apparently according to my wife walking 'hunched over'.

In 2011 our son was born, followed by a daughter. I made a decision at that point that I was not going to miss out on taking my kids swimming, on beach holidays etc, so I started (again) trying to exercise (weights, cycling, jogging etc) to see if I could deal with the problem. As usual, my all-round fitness improved - I run approx. 50 miles per week, walk around 50 miles, but there was no change whatsoever in the breast area.

At this point I made the decision to explore other possibilities and emailed Spire Health. Very quickly I was contacted with some information and met Mr Armstrong. Our first consultation was a discussion around why, my reasoning, an examination and guidance on the procedure and the results that might be possible. I had a few days to think about it and decided to go ahead.

I had the operation in October which went very smoothly. The hospital care was excellent, the staff and nurses were really helpful and supportive and all members of the operating team introduced themselves to me in advance. The post operation care was also excellent.

The outcome of this surgery? I am very, very happy with the results. The breasts have gone - I have a pretty flat chest for the first time for over 25 years and am wearing smaller t-shirts, shirts, walking around with no t-shirt on at home (I even felt awkward in front of my wife at times), and I took my son swimming for the first time. Best of all, we are off on an overseas family beach resort holiday in February and I cannot wait. This would have never happened before this operation. Having this operation is something that has made a real positive difference to my life.

Mr J A,

I had been deliberating about breast surgery since my second son was born 3 years ago, and finally decided in June 2013 to go for a consultation with Mr Armstrong. I decided with Mr Armstrong as two friends had used him and highly recommended him.

The whole process has been fantastic. The consultation was friendly but extremely professional, and I was made to feel that any questions or concerns could be talked through at any stage.

I was advised to have a breast uplift and implants and tried a couple of different sizes after discussions on what would be suitable for me.

The surgery was booked for October. I had a pre-op appointment a week before and again went through the sizes of implants just to confirm I was happy. The surgery/hospital visit was my main area of concern and it was such a pleasant experience that I am so thankful to the nurses, anaesthetists and primarily Sheila (cosmetic nurse) and Mr Armstrong for this.

The aftercare at the hospital was very professional, yet caring. And the pain I experienced was really manageable with just paracetamol at regular intervals. I left hospital completely relaxed with the knowledge all had gone well and if I had any concerns I could contact Sheila.

I am so happy with my results, the scars are so minimal, and the shape/size is exactly what was discussed in the initial consultation.

Thank you to all, especially Mr Armstrong for giving me back breasts of a 39 year old (maybe even slightly younger!) not a 60 year old!

Mrs K, Windsor, November 2013

Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a major step in anyone's life, involving support, research and courage.Having gained the support of my family, and the courage to finally deal with the eye bags that had plagued my life since childhood; I set about finding the right surgeon. After a couple of false starts I had the very good fortune to discover Mr. Anthony Armstrong, who also came highly recommended from my GP.I appreciated his candid approach, and buoyed by his reputation as a surgeon, took the decision to undergo upper and lower blepharoplasty.  I received very good information about the procedure and felt totally reassured by his delightful nurse and right hand Sheilagh. The operation was indeed straightforward, and I was left under no illusions as to how I would look in the immediate aftermath, so there were no bad surprises. I was astonished at how quickly the bruises receded, and how swiftly my life could return to normal.It is now 4 months since my procedure, and I am ecstatic with the results. The most important issue was to look fresher and less heavy, but still completely natural. I can confirm that the procedure has exceeded all my expectations, and I would urge anyone considering this type of procedure to go ahead, using the considerable skills of Mr. Anthony Armstrong and his brilliant team. 

Mrs S, Surrey April 2013,

I am a 40 year old woman whom has been in desiring a breast enlargement since a young age.  Having decided to proceed after the birth of my last child, I got in touch with Mr. Armstrong.  From my initial consultation onwards, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service offered.  Immediately I felt immense confidence in proceeding with the operation and Mr. Armstrong advised me, wisely to also proceed with an uplift in addition to the enlargement.  A very necessary and wise move which has given me amazing results!  Following on from my initial consultation, I immediately booked the operation for the earliest date possible at Spires Hospital; I was so excited and keen to proceed.  Leading up to the surgery Mr. Armstrong was around at all points should I have any queries or concerns, which was extremely comforting.  The operation went perfectly, Mr. Armstrong visited me before the surgery and then again straight after and I felt Mr. Armstrong was on hand at all points, which for me was very important.  After the surgery the follow up care, with Mr. Armstrong's amazing team of nurses, was brilliant.  The results have been outstanding.  I can honestly say I could not wish for a better service, better care and most importantly better results. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to Mr. Armstrong.

RM, Windsor July 2012,

Hi, I am 41 years old female, I recently had a breast reduction surgery at Spire Thames Valley Hospital carried out by Mr Armstrong. Being a medical practitioner myself I wanted to make sure that I would receive the best possible health-care, so I had to make a big search to find the right surgeon and that was not easy with too many choices available!

However from the first consultation with Mr Armstrong, I felt that I had made the right choice. Mr Armstrong was so understanding and supportive, as well as very confident and a knowledgeable doctor. He provided me with all the necessary information and was approachable to answer all my questions at any time.He helped me to make an informative decision and to go ahead with surgery, with no rush or pressure.

Mr Armstrong works with an excellent team of Nurses and Anaesthetists which made my whole experience to be very smooth.The result of the surgery was more than excellent and my whole experience was fantastic. I am honoured to have known Mr Armstrong, the care I have recieved from him and his team before, after and during the surgery was so great that, I highly recommend him and his team for anyone who is considering a plastic surgery.

Dr H A,

Hello, I'm Pauline and I'm 50 years old. I had a small cut on my right side of my face just under my eye and, as you do, I just left it. Over the next few years it got a bit bigger. I used to cover it with make up every day. I thought no one could see it. Some days it became a bit red and sore, then it would scab over. I applied more make up.

My family and friends kept saying "You should go and see a doctor. So I did. He gave me some cream to apply daily. This just seemed to irritate it more and it seemed to be getting bigger. I went back to the doctor who told me to carry on using the cream and that I would get better in time. It never did. As I said before, I used to cover it with make up so it didn't look to bad, or so I thought! We were at a family wedding and people started to ask what that was on my face. I said it's just a sore.

Then one of my family said "what's that ugly thing on your face". This comment finally made do something about it. So I booked a consultation with Anthony Armstrong. As soon as he looked at it he told me it was a type of skin cancer and that I needed surgery to remove it. He booked me in for the following week. Mr Armstrong talked me through the surgery and the procedure.

I had the operation as planned under local anaesthetic at Spire Thames Valley Hospital, as a day case. Mr Armstrong made me feel at ease and relaxed, even though, I had been so nervous for years about having anything done to remove the skin cancer on my face. He said he had done his best needlework! Through the following week after my operation, there was hardly any swelling or bruising.

The day came for me to have my dressing removed. As you can imagine, I was scared at seeing the results. I had worked my self up into a state imaging all sorts of things! Mr Armstrong's nurse, Shelagh, removed the dressing on my face in the clinic one week later and I burst into tears of joy, as the stitches were tiny and the whole appearance was really good, and nothing like I had imagined.

Mr Armstrong advised me to massage gently around the scar, this I did on a daily basis. I have written this testimonial as I feel that the care and attention I received from Mr Armstrong and his team, from start to finish, was truly outstanding. He made me feel at ease at all times. The end result is absolutely amazing! You can hardly see the scar and I don't need to wear make up.

I now go for a check up with Mr Armstrong every 6 months. If you have a skin lesion/mole you are concerned about or feel is not right, don't leave it like I did for so long...go and see Mr Armstrong and get out checked out. It only takes a few moments and then you can discuss if anything needs to be done or whether it can be safely left alone.

Pauline, Jan 2012,

The total experience of undergoing cosmetic surgery has been a complete revelation and has improved my personal confidence well beyond my own expectations. The surgery was carried out in the most professional and caring manner by Mr. Armstrong. The procedure was pain free and the aftercare and follow up was superb. The results are just outstanding and I am absolutely delighted.

Mrs B, Mrs B Reading, UK

The decision to have breast augmentation surgery was not one which I took lightly. I felt, however, it was something I needed to allow me to feel 'normal'. I researched carefully and visited a well-known clinic which had seemed to be a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery.

My consultation (with a nurse) left me singularly unimpressed. Further research into 'top plastic surgeons in the South of England' lead me to Mr Armstrong whose qualifications, CV and professional experience greatly impressed me. As soon as I met Mr Armstrong, I knew I was in very safe hands.

Highly professional, Mr Armstrong listened carefully to what I wanted, made detailed hand-written notes, advised me on how to achieve the results I wanted, talked me carefully through the whole procedure and its implications and patiently answered every question I had.

I returned to see Mr Armstrong a second time to 'try out' different implants under my clothing and chose implants (already recommended by Mr Armstrong in my first consultation!) which gave the most natural results for my body shape and size and would allow me to comfortably continue to pursue all the sports I enjoy. I went ahead with the procedure feeling every confidence in my surgeon and his highly qualified team.

My treatment in hospital was superb, everyone treated me with such gentle care and sensitivity and the results are exactly what I wanted - completely natural and totally in-keeping with my physique. I now feel I am as I should be. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Armstrong and his team to anyone seeking this type of surgery.

Miss S, Miss S Hungerford, Berks

I have wanted surgery since I was 18, I am now 34 and have finally made it. It was extremely hard for me to expose the one thing I've hated and hidden for so long, but Mr Armstrong was incredible considerate and sympathetic of my feelings. He let me continue in my own time as I was very shaky and tearful due to my nerves.

Mr Armstrong made sure I understood exactly what would happen leading up to, during and after surgery which meant there was no surprises. The day of surgery I was very relaxed and ready for the operation. The staff at Thames Valley Hospital were fantastic. They were professional and 100% committed to ensuring I was comfortable, relaxed and ready for the operation.

The surgery went very well and the results are amazing. I was in tears (again) of joy when I saw the results a week later. This has changed my life for ever, for which I can only thank Mr Armstrong for. I would recommend Mr Armstrong and his team to everyone.

Mrs D, Mrs D Basingstoke, UK

I am very pleased with the results from my surgery. 20 years ago I had the last of my three children, during each pregnancy I gained a lot of weight, which I was able to lose but it left me with a very saggy tummy with lots of stretch marks. I keep fit with regular exercise and eat a healthy diet so the only option was to have a tummy tuck I contacted BUPA and they put me in contact with Spire Health Care who made an appointment with Mr Armstrong.

All the staff at Spire Health Care have been friendly and helpful, Mr Armstrong was very reassuring and confident about the procedure, my after care in hospital was excellent and in out patients was very good. I am so happy with my new tummy and wore a bikini with confidence in February and would highly recommend Mr Armstrong and the team at Spire Health Care.

Ms G, Ms G Maidenhead, UK

Mr Armstrong was extremely professional and gave advice with realistic expectations of what could be achieved. I felt reassured and safe with him and his team at all times. With his expertise I have lost my self-consciousness and regained quality of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Armstrong to anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery.

Mrs B, Mrs B Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, UK

My tummy tuck operation was amazingly straightforward, and I had little or no discomfort afterwards. I am pleased that I can now zip up my clothes and feel so much less self conscious about that horrid bulge.

Mrs S, Mrs S Shiplake, Oxford, UK

From the first consultation to the final check-up I cannot speak too highly of Mr. Armstrong and his staff. The facilities of the hospital and the after care I received during my stay were of the highest standard. The results of my face lift exceeded my expectation; I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Armstrong to anyone who may be entertaining any thoughts of having such surgery.

Mr O, Mr O Hampshire

Meeting under the cloud of breast cancer to discuss reconstruction work was stressful and frightening but we found Tony to be very considerate to our needs. Taking time to explain procedures and answer our many questions. The consultation period was extremely helpful, the aftercare was excellent and the physical results are very impressive.

Mrs D, Mrs D Burnham, Bucks

Having a reduction mammoplasty was a big decision for me. But after a consultation with Mr Armstrong, I felt much more at ease and confident in the success of the procedure. I was right, everything went really well and I am thrilled with the results and the difference it's made to my life! Mr Armstrong and his team maintained a caring and professional service throughout and were always available for help and advice when required.

I've been really impressed by the whole experience, which could otherwise be quite daunting, and I have recommended Mr Armstrong to a lot of my friends already!

Miss P, Miss P Berkshire

I was 39 when I was diagnosed with grade II breast cancer. I had 2 lumpectomies and eventually had a mastectomy. I decided after three operations & chemotherapy that I was just happy to be and did not want to have a reconstruction at this time.Over the past 3 or so years I have been getting increasingly upset as I was restricted in the feminine clothes that were available that I could wear. Also as this was an operation that would not improve my health and I am confident in my own skin . . . so why?BUT. . . 7 years on and after 2 years of thoroughly researching what surgery was available and reviewing the results I decided to make an appointment to discuss further with a couple of local surgeons.On my first meeting with Mr Armstrong and the frank, open discussion that we had I knew straight away that this was the surgeon for me! He discussed all options that would suit me, making drawing of each and showing patient photos of surgery that he had carried out. He  advised me not to make a decision immediately, to go away and come back in a weeks' time and we would go from there. I did not feel under pressure at any time in fact I felt calm and relieved that I had found a surgeon that I had complete trust in. I decided to have a DIEP flap reconstruction. A big decision and a big operation but I am several months on and have most definitely made the right decision. I am so please with the results and as the scaring fades it gets even better. As I said earlier would it improve my health? I think it certainly has improved my wellbeing and surprisingly my confidence and the bonus is to be able to wear what I like. The nursing care that I received while in the Spire Wexham was very good indeed.The aftercare that Shelagh, Mr Armstrong's Cosmetic Specialist nurse was second to none. Providing support & an understanding ear.I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Armstrong and his supportive team for anyone looking to have reconstruction. A professional team. Mrs G, Berks

Mrs G, Berks,

I cannot rate the service and care of Mr Armstrong and his FABULOUS nurse Shelagh highly enough. I had a rather severe case of tubular breast deformity and was extremely nervous as to what extent i would be able to be 'corrected' but Mr Armstrong dealt with all of my concerns and questions in such a professional and caring manner and ensured that i had reasonable expectations set for my results (which he then absolutely surpassed). It is extremely difficult to find a surgeon who understands how to properly treat the deformity, and i cannot promote Mr Armstrong enough, he has done the most phenomenal job, you now would never know that i suffered from the deformity previously! An extra special thank you must be made to his wonderful nurse Selagh who held my hand through the entire process, no question or concern was too small and she just put me perfectly at ease (and was just as excited by results as me, if not a little more!). Thank you so much, my life has been forever changed for the better.

Overall rating *****


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