Male Breast Correction-Gynaecomastia

Procedure Details

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and you will be required to stay in hospital for one night.

3 methods are available for this procedure and sometimes a combination is used.

  • By making a circular incision around ┬áthe areola and cutting away the unwanted breast tissue beneath the nipple area.
  • With the advancement of surgical techniques and the introduction of specifically designed liposuction equipment, we are able to break up and draw off excess breast tissue through a fine cannula.
  • In extensive cases, more skin is removed around the nipple to reduce not only the size of the male breast but also the excess skin, and thereby tighten and flatten the chest wall contour

Often liposuction can be used in the older male breast and the breast tissue is approached from tiny stab incisions. The small incisions heal well and are difficult to see in the long term. Carefully working the cannula back and forth the surgeon is able to draw off the excess breast tissue under a high vacuum. Only when the area is flat and normal in appearance will the operation come to an end.


The operation is successful in as much as it restores confidence and relieves a major cause for distress and embarrassment. Following treatment the swelling can take up to six months to settle completely.


Problems following gynaecomastia correction are not common, but occasionally they do arise. Bruising is a natural result of the surgery and may persist for a week or so. Hardness or lumpiness within the tissues due to swelling can persist for a month or so.

Very occasionally, following the liposuction method a further operation is required to remove tissue, which could not be removed at the first operation. This may not have manifested itself until such time as all the swelling of the area has gone down.

Dependent upon your occupation and the method used, you may return to work after one week. Lifting should be avoided for about 14 days. Sport, particularly contact sport, should be avoided for at least one month. This includes swimming. Gentle exercise such as walking is recommended.

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