Crisalix: Your 3D imaging

Crisalix 3D analysis is now part of our consultation process and allows you to embrace the changes that are achievable for you personally and seen on an iPad screen at the initial consultation. This allows a bespoke approach to each patient enquiry with “Before and After” imaging.

So that our patients are able to be intimately involved  in the decisions about their surgery, we will use Crisalix 3D virtual imaging analysis for breast, face and abdominal recontouring surgery. This allows you to see the potential increase (breast implants), decrease (breast reduction) or uplift (mastopexy) effect of aesthetic breast surgery. We can also apply this new technology to simulate the rejuvenation of facial tissues in a facelift, or the tightening and smoothing of the skin achieved with a tummy tuck.

For example, in breast augmentation, a range of breast implant sizes, shapes and projections can be simulated with this virtual imaging so that the best implants can be selected from the wide range we have available.

Before and after Facelift