Procedure Details

Arm Reduction or Brachioplasty surgery is increasingly popular and is performed under general anaesthesia. Often these days following substantial weight loss either naturally through dieting or following some form of Bariatric Surgery (Bands or Bypass procedure). Arm Reduction takes between 1 to 2 hours depending on the amount of tissue to remove and recontour.


I have over the years, modified my own operation for arm reduction, with  good results post-operative discomfort is minimal and is usually well controlled with Paracetamol. The stitches used are usually dissolvable and the supportive dressings are removed and replaced at one week. Supportive tape and light dressings are beneficial for the first 6 weeks following an arm reduction. You can shower immediately afterwards but dressings must be kept dry. We will show you how to do this.

Patient Journeys

  • I feel completely refreshed and although some people did not see why I wanted to have it done I did and it has made me feel renewed. Well done to Anthony and his team for their support and care. So recommended.

  • I feel so appreciative of my surgery and I would like to highly recommend the expertise of Mr. Armstrong and his professional and caring team.